The new vibrator in stealth design

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The Slubb

Experience the patented Slubb attachment in an unprecedented way. The multi-function tool developed for our special requirements runs quieter * and gentler than conventional machines and already drives you crazy at level one. Guaranteed.
*Compare at level one with a conventional vibrator.

Slubb® in a set

The incredible vibrations from the device are fully and evenly transferred to the patented size-adjustable attachment. They provide a unique feeling that you have never experienced before.

Scope of delivery: Slubb attachment, machine, battery and charger.


*incl. sales tax plus shipping

Germany (free of charge), Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain & Estonia

Slubb® Attachment

The patented Slubb® attachment comes into question if you already own a suitable machine.

Scope of delivery: Slubb attachment


*incl. sales tax plus shipping

Germany (free of charge) Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain & Estonia

erectile dysfunction?

The Slubb® is a really good tool for men with erectile dysfunction

Instruction Manual

Slubb gebrauchsanweisung 1


Grab the strap and slide it in a loop through the slide bar

Slubb gebrauchsanweisung 2


until the desired diameter is reached.

Slubb gebrauchsanweisung 3


Now fix the end of the strap with the holes on the holding mushrooms.

Slubb gebrauchsanweisung 4


Now clamp the Slubb®, like the usual tool attachment, on the device.

About Us

The Slubb® has been manufactured and sold in the Bergisches Land region of Germany since the beginning of 2019 by its inventors, brothers Michael and Sandro Strobel. The attachment (patented) for oscillating tools has its origins in craftsmanship, hence the look with machine and the martial appearance of the product, something for men’s hearts. The new toy is perfect for the use in the BDSM area and is used by his lovers as a torture tool or in the home bedroom for pure satisfaction. This handy, novel sextool really leaves nothing to be desired. Because the innovative rubber strap is size-adjustable, nipple teats, anal plugs, etc. can be clamped and made to vibrate and thus provide the ultimate highlights. The new sextool for all genders combines machine power and Slubb® to a unique experience. The Slubb® attachment can be used on almost all common oscillation tools (multi-functional tools). Strong vibrations with depth effect provide highly intensive stimulations, which are infinitely variable. From gentle massage to “Maltreatment”. To have there it gives it only as essay or in the set with machine and battery charger in the suit-case, who would like to experience it live, can do this on various fairs or Events, everywhere where Slubb.Store exhibits.

Our Reviews

Calea Toxic

“I like to use the Slubb in my sessions. Well dosed it is a guarantee for orgasm. It is especially fun to see how I make such a slave cum several times. Whether he wants to or not”

Lady Alina

“I find the Slubb outstanding! Since I work as a dominatrix, I immediately recognized the advantages for me as an active person on a passive test person.
Thanks to the new vibration on the penis, testicles or the rest of the nerve tracts lying on the body, the test person gets NEW stimuli. And it makes it easier for me to create impulses and thus bring the test person to the goal/maximum faster…
So it’s a TOP product, because it was thought about and absolutely recommendable!”


“The Slubb is an absolute enrichment for my sessions.
Pure vibration lust!!”

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