Slubb masturbator with tool


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The incredible vibrations from the device are fully and evenly transferred to the patented size-adjustable attachment. They provide a unique feeling that you have never experienced before.

If you don’t have a multifunctional tool, you can order the patented Slubb® attachment as a set with machine here in our shop. Our device comes complete with a charger and a battery, of course including Slubb® attachment. Technical data, 12 V, 100-240 / AC 50 / 60Hz and an oscillation angle of
3.0 degrees for maximum fun.
Li-ion battery capacity: 1500 mAh, idle speed: 5000-19000 rpm

Delivery time: 3-25 working days

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Technical specifications:
Length min .: 365 mm / width min .: 40 mm
Material: SBR rubber / PA66 Ultamid A3K
The color black
Weight: 75 gram

The multifunctional tool set comes with a Slubb attachment, an Allen key for easy mounting and a quick charger.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 kg